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Emily & Aury, Australia

Helena & Andre, USA

Hi dear ladies!


Be ready, I am sending you my essay "How I spent my wedding" :))):


Happy Moments Collector is a team of by far the most professional and talented wedding planners in Italy. Whether you’re looking for an intimate celebration or you’ll have world class pop singers performing at your wedding, the HMC team would make sure the event is perfectly planned and executed. We couldn’t have asked for a better team than Anastasia and Daria who made sure that together with our guests and families, we were left in awe from the whole production and perfect meticulous execution of the wedding.


As we started planning our destination wedding in Italy (based out of the US), I’ve been looking for planners for a while and was lucky to be introduced to Anastasia through a friend. She was able to help resolve my doubts and concerns of picking a place at a short notice without even seeing it and shared valuable insights on the budget estimates and possible venues before we even signed the contract. That really helped earn my trust which only grew from there. Her advice and in-depth knowledge of the venues and vendors throughout Italy has largely contributed to the success of our event. In a matter of weeks we were able to secure a beautiful villa, photo/video/make-up artists, and much more. Together with her talented and responsive colleague Daria, they worked tirelessly to make all the arrangements, answer my endless emails and have our midnight planning calls (accounting for the time-zone difference), negotiate on my behalf to make sure we received exactly what was needed (Daria, your patience and support deserves a separate big shout-out!) and give me the much needed peace of mind.


Most importantly, on the Day – they were organized, prepared, invisible, and at the same time omnipresent. All guests noted how smoothly everything ran and how well they managed all the vendors in fluent Italian (and there were a LOT of vendors and activities, from building the dance floor to navigating floral installations to securing garden furniture rentals, to even overseeing the course of speeches, and much more).


A few months after we started working together, we made a trip to Lake Como to tour the villa and do the food tasting. When we met with Anastasia and Daria, it felt like we were old friends reunited in a cozy Como café. I really appreciated the time both of them spent answering our every question, brainstorming new ideas together, and sharing their invaluable experience on what works and what doesn’t. They’ve lived in Italy and have been working in this industry for a long time, making them real experts in their métier. The insights they have are impossible to find in a wedding forum or a venue’s website, it only comes from years of working, testing, learning, iterating, and finally perfecting. We also really enjoyed meeting the florist Maurizio they invited and seeing him draw out the ceremony florals live on an iPad overlaying the actual photo from the villa. It felt like our plans and dreams are finally coming to live. Little did we know that our wildest expectations would be exceeded tenfold by the whole wedding planning team.


I couldn’t recommend Happy Moments Collector enough. Thank you for all your hard work and keeping the highest possible standards. We loved working with you and hope to celebrate more happy occasions together in the future!


Possibly the best compliment to the work of our wedding planners came from my husband (who was only involved in the big decisions of the event and was mainly secretly looking forward to the honeymoon) – he said he never knew a groom could have so much fun at his own wedding. And that it was by far the best day in his life. :) It takes a LOT to have him say that. Some of our guests mentioned it was the best trip of their lives and the most magical wedding they’ve ever been to. This made us incredibly happy. Thank you!


P.S. Note for those contemplating if you need a wedding planner (as I naively did at the beginning). The answer is quite simple – if you want to make sure your guests are happy and taken care of, if you want a successful quality event, and if you want some peace of mind, you’ll absolutely need a wedding planner. It’s practically impossible to organize a destination wedding in Italy without a team on the ground – communication gets broken down, vendors don’t like to work without a trusted planner and most importantly, there’s no way to know who’s actually good (even if you look at the list of vendors on Instagram). Finally, on the Day of the wedding, you simply don’t have the time for an endless coordination (morning, makeup artists, aperitif, guest arrival, boats/cars/transfers/parking, builders, florists, caterers, musicians, etc. etc. etc.). Bottom line, you need a planner, but not any planner, you need to find someone who is a perfectionist, who will be able to represent your interests throughout the planning process and own the execution on the day. I couldn’t be any happier with the work of Happy Moments Collector who did exactly that.

Farinaz & Navid, USA

Anastasia, Daria

This is SO long overdue, but as you know life unfortunately got a bit hectic right after the wedding. But now that everything is, fortunately, under control, we wanted to take a sincere moment and say THANK YOU from the very bottom of our hearts.

You both are simply incredible as people and at what you do. I remember not necessarily wanting a wedding when Navid and I got engaged and for many months thereafter. I’m so crazy in love with him, but also equally private and given my mother’s absence wasn’t sure I could or would even enjoy planning a wedding alone with the level of perfection I demand in all parts of my life. While my father and Navid both pushed and promised me everything I could wish and even more (yes, I recognize how absurdly lucky I am), it was when I met you both that I really saw it as something I could literally do. I wasn’t sure if Como was going to be the location, but I did know somehow you two were going to plan our wedding somewhere. 

Almost everyone at the wedding recalls it as a dream...and it really was, our perfect dream come true. You brought it all to life with effortless and flawless elegance as if it was your own wedding. I spend nearly everyday daydreaming, looking at photographs or your videos reliving it all. I never thought I’d be that girl, but I couldn't be happier looking back. Out of all the many decisions we made from the unbelievable location and the incredible vendors, you were honestly the single best one out of it all. Most all of our family and friends have told us that it was the best wedding they’ve ever been to (which is saying a lot) and that is an ode to you as much as it is to us. 

We wish you every single bit of success in the future and have zero doubt this is just the beginning for you both. It’s been such a PLEASURE and I already really miss working with you both. You made not only the wedding amazing, but the entire process with your input and vision. 

And everything mentioned above was what we felt about the wedding, not after when my dad got hurt. My instant instinct when I got the terrible news was to call you and somehow you could help. Nadia is quite simply an ANGEL ON EARTH. I’ll never ever forget her kindness and humanity. If strangers and people were as kind as she was, the world would be a MUCH MUCH better and kinder place. And this is all such an understatement.

I don’t know if words will ever do justice to how I feel about our wedding and you both, but I hope this letter gives you a glimpse into our appreciation for everything. We now consider you life friends/family and plan on an annual trip to Como where we will demand at minimum dinner with you both despite the very exclusive weddings you’ll be planning. 

So much love,

Navid and Fari

Kelly & Joe, USA

Daria and Anatasia,


After interviewing almost 20 wedding planners I knew in 10 seconds Happy Moments Collector was the ONE! And my intuition could not have been more spot on! You both made the wedding of my dreams come to life and I cannot thank you enough. Your professionalism and grace made the planning process as easy as it could be even during the pandemic! You never showed any stress which kept me calm – which all brides know that is an accomplishment. The finished result was FAR past my expectations and everyone is still talking about the wedding to this day – it was beautiful and seamless. We loved working with you and I almost cried when we had to say goodbye! Because of this wonderful experience I fully plan to have an anniversary celebration just so I can work with you both again. Cannot thank you enough,


Joe and Kelly Hawn

Courtney & Anthony, USA

Anastasia & Daria,

I'm writing to say thank you for planning the wedding of our dreams!

From beginning to end you and your team are true professionals. A destination wedding can sometimes be chaotic but we're still receiving compliments from our guests on the wedding and how seamless it ran. We are so grateful that we had your guidance and assistance along the journey. It would not have been possible without you both. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts! 

Now that the season is over I hope you're both enjoying time with your families. Wishing you both all of the best.

Regina & Sergey, Russia

Adults also believe in fairy tales ... Or rather, they do not believe, but create them themselves ... We are so happy that those wedding images we dreamed about, could come true this summer ...


Would our Fairy Tale be real without you? True, beautiful, talented people in their field ... It was you who wrote, composed and embodied our magic day - July 28.


Thank you very much to our Italian friends @happy.moments.collector - Anastasia @anastasia_asl and her team. We couldn't have done it without you! It's a lot of work, we appreciate your hard work throughout the year. We wish to say our sincere and Huge Thank you!!!


Regina and Sergey

Sveta & Mirco, Hong-Kong

Hi girls!


Mamma mia we are still so excited after yesterday! And all our guests !!!!!


This day was 100000000 times better than I could imagine it! Better than a dream, the most magical day with our dear families and friends, filled with love, laughter and tears of happiness! 


We don’t have enough words to thank you enough. So many compliments for you from our families and friends!


❤ thank you so much!

Daria & Vladimir, Russia


Daria Klyukina (bride):

"We have been preparing for six months. I delved into all the details and got real pleasure from the process, and now I look at this snow-white field of flowers and understand how successful and right this choice was."


Yana Rudkovskaya (guest):

"This is the most stylish wedding I have ever seen, and as you may guess, I have seen a lot of different events. Dasha, @klyukina_d, Volodya, you have the most stylish and most creative wedding !!! And of course, content from Dima Bilan  @bilanofficial and Nikolai Baskov @nikolaibaskov on this fantastic day was very suitable! "


Dima Bilan (guest):

"That was so beautiful, soul, sincere, warm day! I congratulate you Vladimir and @klyukina_d !!! I rarely watch the internal wedding processes, usually I admire it from the stage, but your event was an exception to me. As it was a truly amazing celebration of love !!!

What the touching words sounded at the ceremony, I got goosebumps, honestly !!! The bridesmaids were sitting nearby and crying, and they almost carried me along with these emotions. For the first time I felt, in this period of time, that marriage is really an art ... "


Maxim Sapozhnikov (guest):

"The wedding was completely unique and intimate. I am glad that I managed to get to this event, because until recently I doubted that I would be able to come because of my busy schedule. It is a great joy to witness such a sacrament. On a personal note, I must say that the organization of the wedding was at the highest level, every detail was worked out and all the guests enjoyed the event.

Dasha was absolutely stunning. She was full of the joys of spring and glowed with love."


Guests' of the event

Sheida & Bobby, USA

Best team I could have ever asked for! Every single thing was absolute perfection! Nothing went wrong, which I know is very rare when it comes to weddings.


So grateful!

Maria & Stas, Russia

When I look back on our Wedding day, it puts a smile on my face and feeling that it was as if it was written from a script. Everything was so smooth and perfect.


When my beloved proposed to me, I started looking for a place for our wedding and I knew for sure that I wanted to hold it in Italy. Quite by chance, being on my vacation in Lugano, I met Anastasia. I liked her so much that I trusted her Happy Moments Collector team to make my dream come true. They selected for me just an incredible place for a wedding, visiting which I lost my sleep. And our wedding was the first in this villa.


Then I saved a picture with a dress from @galialahav and started looking for it in all bridal shops in Moscow, Italy, America. And I could not find it. There were just 2 pics of the dress in my phone… But I fell in love with it and didn't want anything else... And imagine, the team of our planners found it for me in @blanchemoscow


As easy we gathered the whole family and flew a week before the event in Italy and settled in an 800 year old villa, which, due to absolutely incredible circumstances, was available for our dates. Can you imagine?

So, please, be assured that miracles exist, and they will definitely come to you. And everything gonna be even better than you imagined.


Maria and Stas

Lena & Andrey, Russia

Wedding preparation is a little life that any girl should enjoy.


Hundreds of sensual and touching moments are the gifts that are given to us by many people gathered, in our case, from all over the world - from Lugano, Como, Tallinn, Milan, Amsterdam, Moscow. They put together to help us organize our dream wedding.


It all started with meeting the fairies @anastasia_asl and @daria_fiorano. Anastasia's Instagram, her sense of style and advertence to detail is insanely inspiring. They are the best. That says it all.


We have been preparing for only 4 months. As we found out later, this was a very short time for organizing a wedding. But that was enough for the team of professional HappyMomentsCollector.


During this time, we chose the date, villas on the beach, created unique invitations with @_letter_b, looked at many portfolios of photographers and videographers, and selected musicians. Every day for several months we did a few little pleasant things.


We were greeted by @ in a stunningly atmospheric villa in the town of Como on the lake of the same name, where we were testing a dozen dishes, snacks and a wine list.


We made sketches with the florist Maurizio, chose the right flowers, taking into account their seasonality. I wanted everything to be rolled in flowers, but what he did was beyond my expectation.


My wedding look was created by @malinobeauty who flew in from Tallinn. She weaved into her hair a unique decoration from @muse_for_me, which Elena prepared for me personally on the eve of the celebration in the town of Como.


Wedding day went so quilky, in the blink of an eye. There was an incredibly touching and light atmosphere there. @andrew_bayda and @denys_poluliakh will keep the warmth of this day for us. These guys are so amazing! True superheroes! How good it was with both of you that day!


The lovely @meseptember will capture the gamma of feelings in every detail, I look forward to a touching video.


I am grateful to our day, which gave me so much happiness and let me meet with such amazing people. The wedding turned everything upside down again, opening my eyes wide to a world in which there are no boundaries at all. Thank you! I got too sentimental.


Lena & Andrey

Melissa & Kevin, USA

Hi girls, 


Kevin and I are emailing you to thank you both from the bottom of our hearts for the most AMAZING day of our lives! We are still in love, in disbelief and in awe at how perfectly everything turned out! We owe it all to both of your hard work and care! You treated us like family and we cannot thank you enough! Our friends and family are still talking about how incredible our wedding was! There are no words to express how happy we are!


If you ever need client referrals we would be more than happy to talk to anyone and ease any concerns. We would be honored to rave about how amazing you both and your services are so feel free to reach out to us anytime you need a review or referral!


You know we interviewed many wedding planners but when we FaceTimed Anastasia with we fell in love! We had great chemistry and you understood our California style & wedding vision. Planning a long distance event can be stressful at times but Anastasia always put us at ease and made everything very easy!

On the day of our wedding the lake glistened and the lush colors all around us were glowing. The air was clean. It was like the lake smiled knowing it was our wedding day.


The day of the wedding was stress free and every detail was taken care of. The boat ride, food, prosecco, wine, flowers, music and everything was perfection. Our guests still talk about how our menu was the best wedding food, being SF foodies it’s a HUGE compliment. Our wedding day turned out to be perfect. For us, it still is the best day ever. Everything exceeded expectations and we were still in complete awe of the day. 


We owe so many thanks to all of our wonderful vendors that made our day so incredibly special. We couldn’t imagine a better place to have shared such a special moment with our family and friends.  Lake Como is now our piece of paradise forever.



Olga & Andrey, Russia

Dear ladies,


Thank you for everything. Thank you for making our dream wedding come true. These days were more beautiful than we could ever dream of. Our family is absolutely delighted. Everybody says it was the most magical wedding they’ve ever been to.


Thank you for being so patient and supportive throughout the whole process, and attentive to the details. Thanks for the great vendors you work with! Together you made these days unforgettable and incredibly special for us and our family.


These days went too quickly! I would like to live them again but in slow motion to taste and enjoy every detail full of your care and hard but amazing work.


One day we will make another beautiful celebration for our anniversary and hope to work with you again.


P.S. I really miss our chatting! I did enjoy receiving and reading all your messages!



Olga and Andrey

Sofia & Dmitry, UK

This was the best day of my life! On the 7th of July 2019 I got to marry the love of my life!

Our wedding party was splendid and I couldn’t wish for any single thing to be different! It was absolutely p-e-r-f-e-c-t!

I love organising parties! I love thinking through the details, talking to organisers, creating mood boards and channeling my creativity towards events that stay in our memories for life!

As one of my closest friends said “organising the wedding is often the first big project together. It really shows the dynamics between the couple”. I was truly happy because our dynamics was great and we enjoyed the process of organising our wedding as much as the party itself!

Our wedding could not have been more beautiful, elegant and fun without our team though! When there is teamwork and collaboration, incredible things happen! And our team was AMAZING!


I’ll share a bit more about each of team members but for now I just want to say huge THANK YOU to everyone who made our day so special!!!

Guram & Lika, Georgia

There are a few days, in our life, that are really important. The wedding day is one of them, so when we started planning, both agreed that we had to made this day unforgettable, not only for us, for our guests as well. It was not easy to find the destination for this day, but when we have seen the photos of Como, loved it immediately and decided that it would be the best choice. 

We are from Georgia. Weddings in our country are full of traditions with national dances and music. Although we decided to marry in Italy, we wanted to have some traditional elements in our wedding ceremony. we had music bands, our first dance was national dance and created a mixed ceremony of Georgian and European traditions, and we want to say many thanks to our planners - the team “Happy Moments Collector” for making our special day so beautiful and magical! 

The wedding took place on 20 September 2018 at villa Pizzo, this villa is one of the most famous villas of the lake, this charming private villa placed directly at waterfront with the gorgeous lake view towards Como! Of course, we were a bit nervous about weather but on the wedding day weather was truly magical! With the effort of our planning team designed several venues for wedding ceremony and working hard to create spectacular show at this beautiful destination. Ancient Italian town with a modern lifestyle, located in Alps at the bank of beautiful lake Como with its breathtaking views and great weather conditions mixed with spectacular show, organized by our wedding planners created the real fairy-tale. We got more than expected, and we know that it was unforgettable day for everyone. Our guests are still talking about our wedding! 
They are still surprised at how thoroughly every element was thought out!!! Even the men shed tears at the show!!!!! For us it is still the happiest day ever!


Lika and I are your sincere friends now forever, and I can’t wait when the opportunity to thank you in person.



It is seems I am going to cry so I should finish my letter.


Always yours Guli* ❤


*Guli in Georgian means love, heart, but also it is the first letters of the names of the bride and groom

Lucy & Alexander, Sweden

Dear Daria & Anastasia,

We would just like to say thank you once again for making our dream wedding come true. It has truly been a pleasure to work with you on this journey. We just got back from the honeymoon and we’re wishing we could do it all over again.. It was such a happy time and much thanks to you for taking away all the stress and being so open for all our thousand questions. You are the best and we are forever grateful!


Many thanks,

Lucy & Alexander

Anastasia & Devin, USA



We just came back from our honeymoon and cannot be happier how everything turned out. Everyone is calling this the best wedding they've ever been to and the fairytale. It's beyond my expectation and it's hard to meet my expectations. Everything went so quickly that I want to repeat it over and over again. A lot of guests posted pictures and videos and we are enjoying going through all of it. It's all a blur to us. 


Needless to say, we are still on wedding high. The beauty of Lake Como is indescribable, the food is the tastiest in the world, the talents of the band, photographers, wedding planners, florist and decorators is top notch. 


If we could get married every year, we would. We had no stress before, during or after the wedding, everything was just smooth and perfect.


We couldn't have done it without you. You went far and beyond for our wedding and it was perfect. It's a lot of work, we appreciate the work. We will be coming back to celebrate our anniversary and hope to see you then. 

Toria & Alex, UK

Hi Ladies,


We saw on Instagram that you’re out in Tuscany for the weekend – it looks incredible! I hope you’re all finding time to enjoy the gorgeous surroundings around all the hard work.


Alex and I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all of your help with our wedding day. The last month has absolutely flown by (just like the day itself) and our friends and family still cannot stop telling us how wonderful a time they had and how impressed they were with the incredible work that you did! We know that you probably have lots of weddings to balance in the run up to the summer, and some may be bigger or more expensive or just need more attention, but we felt at every stage like you were there with us in the weeks before ours and that was so evident on the day. You took our half-made plans and ideas and made them into a beautiful vision that we could never have achieved on our own.


Thanks to all of you for making our special day even more special. We hope that we can cross paths again soon – we’ll be recommending Italian weddings to all of our friends :)


Best wishes,

Alex & Toria

Caroline & Stephen, USA

Your search ends here. Hire Anastasia and Margherita! We could not have asked for a more professional, patient, experienced, kind, or fun-loving team to plan and coordinate our wedding.


Guests have come to us weeks since the wedding to comment not just on how beautiful the flowers were, or how great the band was, but also on how well the wedding flowed from ceremony to dinner to toasts to dancing and so on. There was never a dull or confusing moment, and we never felt stressed or unsure.


Our wedding was everything we could have ever wanted and more, and we absolutely could not have done it without them. We never felt for a moment that we were anything less than a first priority, though I know we were married at peak wedding season.


Anastasia and Margherita, thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for helping us realize the wedding of our dreams! We'll be fantasizing about our vow renewal in Tuscany... :)

Emily & Michael, USA

Michael and I have quite a love story. He is originally from Germany, and I was born in Canada, but we met eight years ago at a surf camp in Costa Rica. We fell in love and ended up dating long distance for four years before he moved to California to be with me. We got engaged in Big Sur, California, and had dreamed of getting married on the coast of California, but after a trip to Lake Como, Italy, we fell absolutely in love with the idea of an Italian wedding. It was the best decision we made as the food, wine, and romantic atmosphere can't be beat.

I found our wedding planner, Anastasia, on Style Me Pretty, and all of her weddings were so beautiful, so I knew she would be able to execute our ideas perfectly. And it was exactly like that.


Every day for two weeks leading up to the wedding, I would check the weather reports. The night before, the radar was calling for 100% chance of rain, and I became so upset even though everybody told me not to worry. I had been dreaming of our beautiful, floral arch overlooking the lake, our guests enjoying cocktails in the garden, and us taking a sunny boat ride for photos. Our friends and family all traveled from far away to be with us, and I wanted it to be the perfect day spent outdoors.


On the morning of the wedding, we had to make a decision, and I wanted to so badly have it outside, but our planner, Anastasia, who long beforehand prepared plan B, suggested we move everything under the tent. Halfway through our ceremony, the winds picked up, and it started raining. Looking back, all I remember is that September 9th was the most beautiful and magical day of our lives. It didn't matter that it was raining, because the only memories we have now are that everything felt perfect. Luckily, Happy Moments Collector was there to expertly execute plan B.

Ekaterina & Egor, Russia



Our Italian vacation has has reached its end. Now we are going to the airport with tears in our eyes! Everything was magical! Thank you very much for your huge work, care! Your team has made our dream come true! All of you are fairies!


Every time I think of your team, I realize that you are making the world a better place! By helping to organize the wedding day of two loving people surrounded by their dear families, friends, love and care!

Day by day Happy Moment Collector does its mission and creates the holiday of endless happiness. It is incredible and invaluable!


With love,


Ekaterina & Egor ❤

Stephanie & Luca, Switzerland

Dear Anastasia,

Ooooh wow it was such a beautiful wedding! We were all so happy and the guests liked it sooo so much! Once again I really appreciate what you all have done for us and i want to thank you again and again :)

Kindest regards,

Alevtina & Timur, Singapore

By luck we struck an offering of weddings in Italy and I remembered of my amazing ex colleague, Anastasia, who founded her own event agency Happy Moments Collector. It took us a year to put everything together, with of course a lot of help from Anastasia, who was the most understanding and supporting person ever! We have picked mid-September, lake Como. Just 6 month before the wedding we managed to travel to Milan together and met all people involved in the process in person.


It was a relief that Villa offered by the planner was perfect, especially as we could have all of the family staying over the weekend. The florist easily was on the same page with ideas that I had in mind. Food...There is just no point in describing, it's Italy.

It was a truly special day! All of our dearest people in the whole world came together to celebrate one of the happiest moments in our lives. Looking back it felt like it all went too fast but we were definitely enjoying every minute and for sure will remember that day for many more years to go.

Kate & Artem, Russia

I am very thankful to Anastasia and the team who helped my dreams to come true and was supportive throughout the whole process. I was very involved in the planning process and tried to think through and discuss every tiny detail on that day. I have put my soul trying to make as flawless as possible.


My fairytale got real, we've spent the best days of our lives with our closest family and friends on this beautiful villa overlooking stunning lake Como, I've arrived to the ceremony on a classic Como lake boat Lucia which could not be more romantic. We had our symbolic ceremony partially in Italian and we have read our vows we had written for each other and kept secret until the very moment when we promised to love each other until the end of our lives. One of the best moments was then my super picky husband told me several times throughout the day that this wedding could not have been planned any better than this.

Victoria & Sergey, Russia

Both of us were sure that we’d have our wedding somewhere far away from home. We wanted all our guests feel special. It took us long time to find that perfect place and perfect wedding planner. We weren't in a hurry looking for the right place, but when we found the villa we knew that we'd celebrate our wedding nowhere else!

We are so grateful to our wedding planner, because she helped us plan everything in 3 months total, and it turned out wonderful. The location was just perfect with amazing food, plus lake and mountain views. The one thing we regret is that it all passed too, too fast!

Anastasia & Eugeniy, Russia


On the evening when Eugeniy proposed to me in Milan, I wrote to Asya.  At that time, I had not yet chosen a planner for our wedding in Italy. But I knew that Asya was directly related to an important event to me and worked in a wedding agency in Switzerland that organizes weddings in Italy too.


Now I can say that I spontaneously wrote her. Before that we had just sent a couple of direct messages to each other on Instagram. So we barely knew each other at that moment.


I knew that Italians prefer to work with Italian couples. Therefore, I wanted our planner to know Italian well, to know all the local vendors and to sincerely recommend the best of them. It is obvious that the agency based in Italy can work with the best providers and locations unlike the Moscow one. I am not trying to say that it is impossible to organize a wedding being in Russia and working with a Russian agency, and that you will not be happy with the result. Not at all, everything will be fine! I have been invited as a guest at the such weddings. But after a short conversation with Anastasia on Facebook, I clearly understood that it would be very comfortable and calm for me if I would hire such a professional. And I'm convinced that my spontaneous decision to write to Anastasia was the best thing! Our wedding day turned out to be perfect! Everything exceeded our expectations and our dreams came true!